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The Shona boot made by Bearpaw is a tall and very sexy looking womens fur boot. This boot stand at 13 inches, which should come up near the top of the calf, depending on how tall you are and how long your legs are. The right side power beats by dre of the boot has a leather criss-cross lacing, which is decorative but can also be used to tighten up the boots. The inside of the boot has a zip up side, which allows you to take off the boot more easily. The outside of the boot is made of soft leather and the trim of the boot is made of rabbit fur. The inside of the boot is lined with warm wool, with a sheepskin footbed to keep your feet toasting warm during the cold winter months, while still looking cool on the streets. The rubber sole of the fur boot is 1.5 inches tall, giving this dre beats womens winter boot some extra height. This boot is available in chocolate brown, black, or a sand color. You can find it priced online monster beats between $30 and $60 usually.Bearpaw Shona Boot ReviewIf you are looking for a pair of boot that are cozy warm, but also cute and stylish, these boots just might be for you. I was looking for a boot with a nice sheepskin lining but I also wanted to avoid an ugg style boot because everyone seems to have those boots right now. These boots have a pretty narrow fit, so they fit my calves nicely and they look really nice with jeans. I wore them all day on a cold NYC day and my feet never got cold and many people told me how nice they liked them and Beats by Dre NHL Studio asked me where I bought my winter boots. These boots are great if you are looking for womens fur boots under $100. The Bearpaw boots are not waterproof, so make sure to spray them with a leather protector before you wear  beats

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