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Buy Instrumental Beats OnlineWhen you are looking to buy beats online there are some very important factors to take into consideration. A few key ones are 1) what kind of beats I need? 2) How much money am I looking to spend? 3) How quickly can I get the beats I need? 4) How do I know I won't be scammed? These monster beats should be the main questions you need to know answers for before you spend a single dime buying beats online. Let's go into details that will help you shop for instrumental beats with more confidence.To start off with the first question, "What kind of beats I need?" you need to know if you are looking for beats to songs you already have written or if you want to start fresh. Now when finding a beat you need it's important to understand the genre of beats when browsing. Let's take for example hip-hop beats and Many will think they are quite the same but they are much different. Hip hop beats are done with 4/4 times or 4 beats per measure/bar and rap beats have other time signatures. This is very critical to understand because if you mistake a rap beat with a hip-hop beat then you will find the song you have prewritten will be hard to catch.Another key factor to knowing what kind of beats you are needing ?is if you want to start fresh and do not have a song prewritten is to make sure that whatever beat you decide to purchase, you are 100% confident in it. You should never have to 2nd guess on buying instrumentals. Just because a beat may sound good at first does not mean you have to purchase it but always get still. Make sure you are able to lay your lyrics on it nicely to make a good song. You don't want the beat to overdo your lyrics and have your listeners not really get the message you are trying to deliver.When it comes to beat and instrumental prices you can find some for relatively cheap and others quite expensive. Before we actually go into details on the prices it is very important you understand that when buying beats and instrumentals online there are two licenses that determine the rights you have to the beat as well as the price. The licenses that you can choose from are Non-Exclusive Beats and Exclusive Beats. Depending on the producer's contract Non-Exclusive rights for a beat usually means the artist has limited rights for the beat and the producer still has all rights to the beat. In details the artist gets a limited number of distribution rights, it's strictly for mixtape use and not album use, also the producer still has the right to sell the beat as many times as he or she wishes. Basically non-exclusive beats in other words are just leased or borrowed from the producer. Exclusive beats on the other hand gives the artist all the rights to the beat. The artist has unlimited distribution rights and the producer cannot resell the beat again but credit still must be given to the producer. Each and every producer has their own contract for how they want to handle license so whenever shopping for beats make sure to consult this with the producer you decide to deal with.Beat pricing very. Non-exclusive beats are usually a lot cheaper than exclusive beats. The prices usually run from $10-$50. I though recommend that you do not pay anything monster in ear over $50 and you also do not want to purchase $5 beats. You get what you pay for so a good set price for a non-exclusive beat will be in the price range of $15-$25. Now for Exclusive beats that's different. Exclusive beats usually start around $50 and just goes up from there even so far as the $1000s but it's always well worth it if you know the song is going to bring you good money in return and you don't want everyone having the same beat as you. Most music producers online are quicker to lease you a beat than to sell you one. Usually when buying exclusive rights to a beat it is required that you contact the producer.If you are more so interested in buying exclusive beats there is this website where they sell exclusive rights for reasonable prices. All the exclusive beats come in wav format and you will be given the download link to the tracked out version to that as well. The website is somanybeats.Since you know about the prices and you are ready to purchase, another important issue is to know how fast and quickly you can find just the right instrumentals and check out. A lot of websites usually have menus and give you categories for the beats the have but the websites also be cluttered with graphics and design. Even though the graphics and design looks good, navigation can still be quite difficult and not to mention a lot of graphics can slow down navigation from page to page due to all the graphics that has to load up. So when deciding a good website to shop for beats try to avoid one with a lot of graphics. Make sure it still looks nice and professional but you don't need the graphics slowing down the process of navigating and finding the beats you need. Also if the websites has an advance search dre beats headphones that is always a plus. If you are able to search for beats that are relevant to the types of artist that would record to them, that is helpful as well.Now let's talk about one very important factor, "How do I know I won't get scammed?" Believe it or not there are beat websites that will take your money or not always deliver what they promise. When shopping for instrumentals online this is the last thing you want to have to deal with. The first important thing you want to look for is who is the person that is selling you the beats? You always want to shop with music producers with credibility. Music producers that have credit mean they have good business. Shopping with an unknown music producer or should I say beat maker that has no credit is very risky. Beat makers with no credit are most likely new to selling beats and still trying to feel their way through and don't know how to give answers to all your questions or request. Shop with a music producers that has good response and don't take long to answer any question that you may have. Along with that look for paypal or any business seals to show that they are verified and certified to do business. If a beat maker can't even show that they are verified you don't need to show them any money because the result could beats show you not receiving your beat. One last important note that will help prevent you from getting scammed is to shop for beats on websites that offer Instant Download. A lot of sites say you will receive the beat 12-24 hours after purchase. Stay away from that. Unless you are shopping for physical products, there is no reason for you to have to wait after you have pain in full for your beat.So overall if you can stick to these guidelines when shopping for beats and instrumentals then you will be able to have a good shopping experience and go to the studio ready to record with no regrets. It is a lot of websites offering beats for sale and makes some pretty big promises like they have the hottest beats online but don't fall victim. Shop with confidence and get beats that you can make good music to. One of the best websites to shop for beats online is somanybeats. There all the beats are instant download as well as they are all professional and radio ready. The interface of the site is clean and finding the right beat couldn't be made easier. ?Somanybeats is a great website to buy instrumental beats and it is highly recommended. Hope this guide has been most helpful and always remember, make songs that will last headphones dre

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