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Fixed blade knives tend to be the best blade for dressing big game. Fixed Red bottom shoes knives are permanently open, making them tougher and more resilient than folding blades. Fixed blades usually come with a sheath for safe keeping. There are three main types of fixed knives: ? "Drop Point" Blades – These knives have a defined curve that makes it easier to skin larger animals. This blade can also be Christian Louboutin 2011 used to gut, butcher, and split the animal's pelvis and rib cage.? "Gut Hook" Blades -- "Gut hook" knives have a large grove near the end of the blade that is designed for opening the abdomen of the game. These knives are used by puncturing the animal with the point of Red sole shoes the blade before using the hook to precisely open the abdomen exactly where you intended.? "Clip Point" Blade – These knives can act as an alternative to "gut hook" blades. "Clip point" blades are thinner with a more pointed blade tip. This is useful for opening an animal's game without cutting too discount Christian Louboutin shoes deep and reaching the intestine. No matter which knife you decide to use, it is essential that you make sure the knife is as sharp as possible. Make sure to bring along a knife sharpener, as blades can become dull Christian Louboutin shoes during the dressing process. The best part of hunting may be the moment that you are finally able to taste the animal that you've just hunted and dressed. After hours of waiting for the game to come into your viewfinder, the perfect shot, cutting the animal up, and roasting it over an open flame, there are few greater joys for a hunter than taking the first bite. Without the proper hunting knives, it will be nearly impossible to experience that explosion of flavor. 

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