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A piggy bank is a traditional name for a coin accumulation receptacle, often but not exclusively used by children. Its shape is most often that of a little pig or piglet. Nowadays, many banks Christian Louboutin platform pump give away piggy banks to their clients for promotional purposes, and piggy banks are often incorporated into the logos of financial services. However, piggy banks are fast becoming anachronistic as more children are encouraged to open a junior savings account in lieu of a piggy bank.Though piggy banks are no longer the Red bottom shoes prime receptacle for personal savings, a well-crafted piggy bank is a beautiful and charming objet d'art that has its place in the home. Indeed, many collectors have begun collecting rare and beautiful piggy banks that have considerable cultural and artistic value. Many collectors will only collect piggy banks of a certain material, such as ceramic, porcelain, or stone from a certain region, like Holland or Indonesia. Some choose to acquire piggy banks that fit a certain criteria: Some collectors only acquire piggy banks without stoppers.Piggy banks have a fascinating history in discount Louboutin Western culture with surprising parallels in the Far East. There is some dispute as to the origins of the piggy bank. Some scholars believe the concept is derived from the Middle English word "pygg" which refers to the type of clay used to make various household items such as jars. Peasants often saved money in clay jars, so jars Christian Louboutin sale made of clay were called "pygg jars".By the 18th century, the spelling of "pygg" had changed, and the expression "pygg jar" had evolved into "pig bank". Once the meaning had transferred from the substance into the shape, piggy banks kids began to take on the shape of pigs, and other materials were used to make piggy banks as well.There is an alternate theory about the origin of piggy banks kids. Some folklorists have pointed out that pigs were associated with good luck Christian Louboutin Boots among European peasantry. This association with prosperity might have caused peasants to shape their piggy banks into the literal shape of a pig.In a curious display of parallel evolution, ancient Indonesians from the Majapahit Empire crafted piggy banks personalized as well. These ancient peoples saw the pig as a potent symbol of wealth and chose to channel the animal's energies into their piggy banks. 

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