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The first nine days in the Ashwin month is celebrated differently in different parts of India by Hindus. Navratri is a combination of many concepts, with the common theme of the victory of good over evil. One concept is that Vijayadashami or Dusshera is celebrated on the day Ram kills Ravan in the Ram Ravan war. Another concept is that, Durga, goddesses of power and vitality who is believed to have nine forms called Navadurga, takes a new form on each of the nine days (celebrated as Durga Puja ) with the arsenal of weapons to ride a lion and fight the demon Mahishasur. The most joyous celebration of Navratri is seen in Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Bengal. beats by dre solo hd red . In Gujarat, the Navratri period is noted for Dandiya Ras or Garba Dance, which continue till late night during the period. The dance is also referred as ‘stick dance’ due to the rhythmical striking of Dandiyas during the dance. Everyone dress in their traditional costumes of chaniya choli and kurta. People visit shrines and there is the special worship of Goddess Shakti at home. The worship of Mother Goddess is beats dre studio pro performed by lighting an earthen pot filled with holes called ‘garbi’. The light from the holes symbolically represents the Goddess. The Garba Dance is also held in front of an image of Goddess and around the illuminated earthen pot. It has special significance in Mysore, South India. Mysore palace is illuminated for a whole month during Dusshera and caparisoned elephants lead a colourful procession through the gaily decorated streets of the city. Here and in North India, on the 10th day, larger than life effigies of Ravan (the Asura King), his brothers Meghnad and Kumbhakarn filled with different fire crackers are set alight to celebrate victory of good over evil. In Bengal, Durga Puja, the most happening festival of the Bengalis can be sensed with its spurt of fanfare on all the four days of the festival. This autumnal festival recalls the power of female Shakti symbolized by the Goddess power beats by dre Durga who slays asura to reestablish peace and sanctity on earth again. Bengalis all over the world during these days of Durga Puja rejoice to their heart's content reconnecting with friends and relatives. Durga Puja is an occasion when the familiar sound of Dhak, Dhunuchi nachh,the mild fragrance of Shiuli, gives a familiar tug to every Bengali heart. In the south, during Navratri, the occasion is also used to invite friends, relatives and neighbours over to look at the Kolu that is arranged. There is a lot of enthusiasm and competition among the young girls in Tamil Nadu who along with their mothers try to create Kolus (decorated dolls) with a different look. Songs are sung and a special sweet known locally as ‘sundal’ made from lentil and brown sugar, is served. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, during the festival of Navratri, dolls called Bommai Kolu are placed and decorated. Goddesses Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati are worshipped for three days each. Gifts of coconuts, clothes and sweets are exchanged. Scenes from various stories in the epics and puranas are enacted. Festivals are the occasion of re uniting of families and exchanging of gifts in form of blessings. As these festivals are also celebrated by Indians staying abroad, shopping online for navratri gifts are Beats by Dre NHL Studio common. There are different sites through one can send gifts to India as well. They are quick and affordable  dre beats

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