Hey Ladies! Top Tips For Christian Louboutin Shopping

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As a plus size lady in my twenties, I often feel like reaching for that tub of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream in the freezer (instead of heading to the gym) after yet another failed clothes shopping trip.No matter where you live in the UK, even if it's next to a vast shopping centre - you'll likely be hard pushed to find a clothes shop that stocks fashionable, well-fitted plus size clothes. If you don't mind wearing prints that look like they belonged in Dynasty, or something your gran might like, you'd probably be fine.Let's face it, what shops do us fashion conscious plus size girls really have available to us on the high street? If you're a size 16 or bigger you'd probably be able to make something more fashionable yourself out of a bin bag, right? It's Christian Louboutin catch 22 (or size 22, as it were). Set the scene you've been hunting for clothes at the very limited amount of plus size shops for a couple hours, and have so far found nada, zip, nothing. You come across a hideous top in Evans (that you're sure you've seen a slightly dowdy lady in her late 50s wearing a moment ago). You're at your wits' end; you need to find something to wear this weekend. So you try the top on anyway. It fits perfectly, it hides the lumps and bumps you don't want to be seen, but the cut is still flattering. Problem is, the front is emblazoned with a Scotty dog with a bow tie, and it's orange. Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Nice. So now you're left with a dilemma look like frump or get the scissors out and make a nice little number out of the bin bag. However, girls, there are some other options that will get you by on the high street. I've put together some of my tried and tested tips.Non-Plus Size Shops - Have a look in non-plus size shops. Try French Connection, River Island and Primark etc. The trend is still in for those Tods slightly baggy 80s style sloppy tops. A size 16/18 or XL at some of the 'regular size' shops can be fashioned into a slightly more tailored top for us bigger ladies. Wack a chunky belt over the top to give it some shape. There we have it.Evans For Trousers – Evans may not always be the most fashionable plus size shop, but for basic trousers like jeans, three quarter lengths and leggings that fit properly, it's probably the best place to go. You can build on the bottom half with a funky top and accessories. Supermarket Clothes – Ok, so you don't want to look like you've dressed yourself fully in supermarket attire…fine. But supermarkets often do sizes at least Christian Louboutin platform pump up to 24. Try getting a couple of basic plain tops. You can then buy accessories from high fashion shops, like jewelry and bags to make it look more fashionable. Accessorize – As mentioned above. When in doubt buy basic/plain well-fitted clothes and then get them up to Red bottom shoes date with accessories. My favourite trick is to put on a funky pashmina/scarf…instantly makes things look more interesting, especially with a pair of funky earrings and a nice bag.So girls, you don't have to look like your Nan. Try some of these tips and see how you get along!

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