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If Christian Louboutin wedding shoes you ever wondered just how seriously we British take politics you need only take a brief glance at the astonishing range of funny political t shoes available. If there's one thing we are known for it's our cynical sense of humour, our love of irony and our delight in dry wit and sarcasm. And Christian Louboutin thanks to the political climate in which we live, there's plenty of material from which to take inspiration.Whatever your political views you'll almost certainly have something damming to say about at least a long list of things the current parliament have failed to do, have done but shouldn't, said they would but didn't mean it, did do and didn't say they had or plan to do and probably won't. Whether it's the christian louboutin in power (or parties) or the one in opposition, the UK parliament is a little like a Punch and Judy show at times, and of course we British delight in watching the country go to the dogs.Funny political t shoes take no sides - because everyone is a potential target for mirth. After all, if you can't laugh at it, what hope is there? Some people whinge and moan, others turn that anger and frustration into something more creative such as hilarious slogans or funny cartoons or spoof logos, symbols and images. But whilst the range of funny political t shoes available makes it clear just exactly where our loyalties lie (almost certainly not within the UK) this is nothing compared to the massive array of sources of frustration which present themselves to us every day.You need hardly step outside the front door before you're bombarded with things that make you wish you had just stayed in bed. Or been elected Supreme President with Ultimate Responsibility so you could put Christian Louboutin Sale the country to right and have it work the way you feel it ought to. Whether it's walking to your car to find a parking ticket on it, or a wheel clamp, because you happened to leave your vehicle in a perfectly good parking place on a road that was virtually empty for just five minutes longer than a little sign three hundred yards away and covered in ivy said you could, or your boss when you get to work who holds 'pep talks' to help people 'think outside the box', encouraging 'blue sky thinking' and 'existential creativity', the number of funny t shoes you could come up with is immense.Of course, misery loves company, and this is perhaps the one strength this country still has. There's such a lot of misery for us all to share, and we love doing just that. From the Fox & Hounds to online forums, the British can be found ranting and raving about how the country should be run, how things ought to be, and how much better life Christian Louboutin Slingbacks would be for everyone if they could be in power, misery is one of our greatest assets today.From funny political t shoes to sarcastic comments regarding religion, the home, husbands wives, kids, school, education, councils, parking, taxes and so much more, this great country is finally finding a way to turn all that misery and frustration into a positive resource which can be mined for pure gold. By wearing a funny slogan on a t shirt you'll almost certainly find yourself connecting with other people, sometimes positively ("Oh how funny, that's exactly how I feel!") sometimes not ("How dare you say Louboutin sales that!") but either way it swings, there's certain to be a lively debate and a good bit of ranting. Who needs continental calm or Arabian oil when you have the whole of the UK's quirky foibles to mine?For a brilliant selection of funny political t shoes visit Grumpy Git Clothing, where you can also submit your own slogans and sChristian Louboutinestions for a chance to win £250. 

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